Cosmos Water Colorshift

Cosmos Water Colorshift

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5 grams of Cosmos Water color slime pigment

Cosmos water shifts in different shades of yellow, gold, greens, and blues.

** Please note: This pigment is a White Colorshift Pearl. White Colorshift Pearls will have a different color/effect depending upon what base color your slime is. If you simply add to clear slime you will end up with a very pretty iridescence color shift. To achieve the look as pictured we suggest using a Black slime base. You can get a really nice rich black slime using our Black Swan Pigment.**

 Directions for Use

  • Add a small pinch of pigment into your slime. (a little goes a long way!)
  • Mix until the you are happy with the color (dont be afraid to add a little more pigment)
  • Have fun with your unique colored slime!

Colors for Slime Pigments are Cosmetic Grade, 100% Vegan and not tested on any animals. All slime colors are FDA approved for skin and finger nails. For more information about our product please contact us.